Monday, 12 January 2009

Ever Heard of Evernote?

Dear Bloggers

Today, I thought I would introduce you to something truly unique and ultra-portable!

It is the new internet and phone based application called Evernote.

This application is superb for keeping notes wherever you are. You can type your notes on your PC/Mac, iPhone or PocketPC (Windows Mobile) which then automatically get uploaded to your account in the web-cloud. These notes can then be viewed or edited on any of the above communication platforms.

What actually sets this application far apart from the others e.g. Google notes or MobileMe, is that the application is able to search your entire documents for words, and that includes words within pictures!!! Say for example, you have written information within a picture, Evernote will find it! Even photographs can be searched for words. Great!

You can also upload voice notes as an additional feature.

This is great for physicians who want to look up some information from their notes on the go or take a quick note in a lecture or just to upload their thoughts on conditions or for reminders.

Having tried this application, I can highly recommend it. It is easy to use, has the same features across various platforms, is quick to find information and immediately backs up information. Perfect!

The application is FREE! Yes, FREE! Upload information per month is 40 megabytes but for those with more gelt, $45 per year gets you a monthly 500 megabyte upload quantity. You decide.

If you are interested in checking this out, click on the following link.

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