Thursday, 26 July 2007

Trip to Hokkaido

For tyhe past few days I have been in Hokkaido for purposes of teaching junior residents.

There are several medical residents working under General Internal Medicine and they get to see some interesting cases in addition to the everyday 'bread and butter' cases.

I was presented several cases of unusual general medical conditions. One case required for examination of the Central Nervous System wherein I was able to determine both old and acute neurological dysfunction because of history and examination only.

The scans presented to me after the physical exam confirmed my suspicions.

I was also there to teach opthalmoscopic examination with the handheld opthalmoscope. The doctors were able to identify the optic disc of the patient which is perhaps one of the most important tests as it is necessary to check the optic disc in patients with suspected raised intracranial pressure e.g. meningitis and hence, I hope the doctors were able to gain some valuable experience from this practise.

Following this, I went on a 3 hour sightseeing trip and the pictures of that experience are below: