Friday, 21 November 2008

A Great Expert and a Great Guy Too

Dear Bloggers

This week, Dr Makoto Aoki visited our institution to do a Problem Based Learning case conference on a patient with a Fever of Unknown Origin.

Dr Aoki went through and dissected the elements of the chief complaint meticulously leaving no stone unturned and reeling off lists of causes for each abnormal component of the history, physical exam or lab data.

Not only that, when doing his teaching in spoken Japanese language, he admixes this with fluent English so that non-fluent Japanese speakers such as myself can understand. Moreover, he writes everything in English which is a really unique way to teach the residents written medical English corresponding to the Japanese vocabulary.

Dr Aoki's stories of previous cases are enlightening and his jokes a joy to listen to.

It is always a great pleasure to have Dr Aoki come to vist and teach on Infectious Disease medicine.

I just wish he would translate his new Infectious Diseases book into English ! :-)

Keep up the great work Makoto!!!

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