Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hokkaido and beverages to boot!

Dear Bloggers

I recently returned to Hokkaido to teach the junior residents in an excellent local hospital.

Most of the residents I have worked closely with previously and it was a delight to be able to impart some further knowledge based on hearing the histories and seeing the physical examination of various patients.

Below are some photos of the residents and nursing staff attending the rounds.

Later in the evening, the hospital team and myself dined out locally to try some cuisine in an old converted red brick warehouse which housed a famous German-style beer restaurant. You can see the red brick behind ! Ahhh, reminds me of England..... As can be seen, when drinking from a glass boot, when one wants to get the last drop of beer, it can prove quite a challenge.

Here is the original boot of beer. It was my first time to see such a glass....!

One the other hand, for nostalgia purposes, I was duty bound to have my own country's brew of the famous Guiness, otherwise known as Black Gold :-) or Genius!

Following such a lovely gathering of like minded doctors and the free flow of beverages, we went to a famous Mountain to observe what is regarded as one of the most beautiful night views in the world. I would agree whole heartedly. What a great night !

The next day, up bright and breezy, albeit slightly worse for wear, it was time to teach the residents about how to use the traditional opthalomoscope.

Here, the 1st year doctor is looking for the 'red reflex'

Here the doctor is trying to identify the position of the optic disc.

Opthalmoscopy is best performed in a darkened room with the patient's pupils dilated with tropicamide

In this patient, the doctor was able to identify bilateral dense opacities in the lenses consistent with cataracts.

I am looking forwards to going back again.... :-)

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