Friday, 18 April 2008

A Classic Sign-- the Spider Naevus

Dear Bloggers

I apologise for not writing this week. I have been very busy indeed!! I was in Hokkaido teaching junior doctors the art of history taking and physical examination.

Here is a video that was taken some time ago of a patient with chronic liver disease from alcohol excess, which shows the classical sign of a spider naevus / vascular spider.

As can be seen, when the lesion is pressed, the blood is pushed out and when the finger pressure is released, the vascular lesion fills from the centre and spreads outwards. There is a central red area which is the feeding vessel. This is classical !!

Spider naeva are commonly found in chronic liver disease, pregnancy and in patients using oestrogen steroids. They are induced by the high level of oestrogens.

As for the answer to the recent case, I have deferred this until next week. Sorry ! :-0

Have a great weekend!

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