Monday, 11 February 2008

Congratulations Dr Aoki

Dear Bloggers

Saturday night was the celebratory party for the great Dr Aoki in respect of the publication of his revised second edition book on infectious diseases. Dr Aoki is the sole author of the book, which in itself, is a major achievement in today's medical publication era. As Prof Tierney alluded to in his speech, in modern times, the production of most major textbooks has 25-30 authors, and so a single author in a medical sub-specialty is a rarity and should be congratulated and respected. I second that.

A number of other notable business people and physicians were in attendance including Mr Matsumoto (Sakura), Professor Kurokawa and Dr Tokuda who also all made wonderful speeches.

Professor Stein sent a special telegram to celebrate the occasion and stated how Dr Aoki has contributed to the improvement of medical care in Japan especially in respect of the logical prescribing of antibiotics.

In all, about 80 people were in attendance at the party and it was wonderful to see how many friends and supporters Dr Aoki has formed over the years of hard work in promoting infectious disease medicine in Japan.

The night finished all too soon and with snow falling heavily outside, it was certainly a night to remember! :-)

I for one am hoping for the English translation of the second edition !!! :-) Now that would be fun!!

Congratulations Makoto!!!

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