Sunday, 27 January 2008

A Benkyokai Bonanza

Dear Bloggers

Yesterday afternoon saw two acclaimed speakers attend our institution to teach the residents their wisdom.

Firstly, Professor Alan Lefor, Professor of Surgery, Jichi University presented talks on Trauma followed by Surgical Site Infections.

Professor Lefor's strident and direct approach were refreshing and it was interesting to see evidence based practise at work.

There was the presentation of several cases from the United States which showed trauma surgery at work.

There was emphasis on ATLS, including the elements of ABC, reassessment, D, E an so on.

The residents were very receptive to this different approach to teaching.

The talk on Surgical Site Infections presented the current evidence for use of antibiotics, warming the patient, not shaving patients, etc...

The two-hour set of talks were very interesting and Professor Lefor's talks are certainly well worth it!

Next was Dr Kitahara of Keio University who is also American trained with specialist interests in Infection and Haematology.

He was presented several difficult and unusual cases by the Department of General Internal Medicine and it was interesting to hear his view on the cases.

All in all, the two speakers provided an excellent opportunity for the residents of our institution to get up-to-date training on both surgery and medicine alike.

It was a really good day of teaching and it was enjoyed by the residents and myself alike.

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