Monday, 19 November 2007

Prof Tierney Back in Town

Dear Bloggers

Professor Tierney is back in Town. Today he began his 3-day whirl wind lecture tour at C.

There were three morning sessions organised, two of which Professor Tierney presented his own cases acquired from other hospitals in Japan. The middle session involved a case presented by the C residents to put Professor Tierney to the test.

In view that Prof Tierney may be presenting his other cases at his future hospitals in Japan, I will not reveal their contents. It is a surprise !

However, the C case involved a female who presented with an intermittent nocturnal non-productive cough, fever and hypoxaemia. The diagnosis was made from history and physical examination and later inferred by chest roentogen / CT, which was extrinsic allergic alveolitis. This was a simple diagnosis for this Professor of Medicine :)

One odd thing was the request of a resident to have Professor Tierney to sign his wallet!!! Perhaps the strangest request he has ever had !

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