Thursday, 25 October 2007

Dr Makoto Aoki-- What a Great Guy !!

Dr Makoto Aoki visited out institution to answer to a case on meningitis. He went through the various types of meningitis and stressed the importance of taking a sexual history.

He reminded us about 'aseptic meningitis' such as vasculitis (SLE, Behcet), malignancy (metastases), drugs (NSAIDs), Infective ( viral: HIV, mumps, enterovirus, herpes simplex virus; bacteria: partially treated meningitis, TB, syphilis; fungal: cryptococcus, candida ). Moreover, bystander meningitis e.g.caused by a paravertebral abscess is another important cause.

He also reminded the doctors that being married does not exclude patients from engaging in sex with the same or opposite sex and hence, sexually transmitted infections are an important cause of meningitis. Hence, a sexual history is an extremely important part of the work up of infectious diseases.

The turn out of doctors at the tutorial session was great ! The doctors were able to answer Dr Aoki’s difficult questions intelligently and more importantly, correctly !!

Dr Aoki’s sessions are always great fun and he tells some good jokes as well. These sessions provide a valuable time for the residents to learn new things and to relax from the busy daily schedule.

I for one am looking forwards to his next visit here in December.

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