Tuesday, 20 March 2007

UpToDate on PDAs

Today I want to talk about my special love (apart from my family of course !! :) ) .....PDAs.

As I have previously mentioned, PDAs are quite popular in Japan, but I consider that they are under utilised here to some degree.

I have discovered that UpToDate can now be used on the Palm based PDA platform such as the LifeDrive and Palm Treo handheld devices running Garnet OS 5.4.

Unfortunately, having tried to run the software on the
Sony Clie TH55 (Palm OS 5.2) it does not work ! Hence, if you want to use UpToDate you need a newer type Palm.

Below are some photos of my old LifeDrive with UpToDate running. It is great!!

However, Palm based PDAs are going to become extinct in the future, or at least, that is what is being said in the PDA world, with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC) taking over with its multi-tasking capabilities.

However, although UpToDate also support the WM5 PPC PDAs and earlier versions, the software (which I have)
does not run on a Japanese language WM5 PDA !!

In fact, after asking for support from UpToDate (which is excellent I might add) they mentioned that UpToDate for Pocket PC does not support '
Chinese Characters'.

So, if you have a Japanese Pocket PC, it would seem that at present, UpToDate will not run either.

My advice would be, if you want to use UpToDate on a PDA, either get a Palm running OS 5.4 or a PDA phone where UpToDate can be accessed via its site on the internet via the PDAs internet browser.

I think that UpToDate is a very good tool for physicians on the ward and now that it is in PDA format, it should become a highly useful tool for the physician who needs a second opinion !