Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Every Breath You Take- Every Move You Make

Professor Lonny Ashworth, MEd, RRT.

Today we had the pleasure of having Professor Lonny Ashworth from Boise State University in the USA attend the hospital to lecture on how to use ventilators.

His visit was brief, just for 4 hours only, with him previously having been visiting a hospital in Chiba.

Today, he hosted two identical practical sessions whereby junior doctors could try Ventilators for themselves to see how CPAP feels, in additon to Square Wave Forms, Assisted ventilation and SIMV to mention but a few topics discussed and tried.

Each doctor got to be a 'patient' on a ventilator with the other doctors changing the controls.

The ventilators used were very hi-tech, the ones that I am used to seeing in the UK.

The junior doctors appeared to enjoy themselves very much and with the help of a translator, were able to understand well.

Here some junior doctors pretending to look studious but really being comedians!

Looks like SCUBA diving but a great lesson in ventilator control !!

No sleeping or time to be intubated and ventilated ! !

During his lecture, Lonny made a joke and said 'Every breath you take....' and I said 'Every move you make....' and he said --- ah no that's a song!!! Yes, from Sting and the Police ! A great respiratory song.

Some panoramic views of the study session....

Lonny, we really enjoyed your session and you are welcome back anytime!

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